About Harbour International

About Harbour International

Harbour International is part of a state-funded Dutch primary school in the heart of Rotterdam. Harbour International offers education in English to pupils from every corner of the world.

Harbour International provides education for families with children between the ages of 4 and 11 who are living temporarily in the Netherlands.

Children who will reside in the Netherlands on a temporary basis while their parents are employed in the country.
Dutch children who have had at least two years international education while their parents have been employed overseas.
Children of Dutch nationals who are moving to an English-speaking country within two years.

Moving On
Once pupils have successfully completed their primary education at Harbour International, they may move on to an international secondary school of their choice. If the family plans to remain in Rotterdam, the children may continue their education at our international secondary school, the Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS) or they may choose to attend a Dutch secondary school.

If pupils choose to go to RISS, they can leave De Blijberg after group 7.
If pupils go on to bilingual education or Dutch secondary education, they leave Harbour International after group 8. They usually have to sit an entrance exam which will take place before the pupil is accepted.

Aims & principles
To meet the educational needs of our pupils, Harbour International uses the International Primary Curriculum and elements of the British curriculum to ensure and maintain a high standard of education. Harbour International works closely with the other Dutch International schools (DIPS). All teachers are fully qualified and provide a broad and balanced curriculum for each pupil.

The aims and principles of Harbour International are as follows:

to develop the social, emotional, creative, cognitive and motor development of each pupil;
to treat each pupil as an individual and to encourage him to develop into an internationally minded citizen of the 21st century;
to develop the pupil's personal and social skills and encourage co-operation with other pupils;
to develop the child's knowledge, skills, understanding across the curriculum.

International Primary Curriculum
The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a specially designed curriculum for international primary schools. The teachers use this programme to develop pupils' knowledge, skills and understanding across a wide variety of subjects. Personal development and international understanding are at the heart of the curriculum. The IPC provides an impressive support system for its schools to allow the teachers to create the best possible learning environment for the pupils.

For more information please check the IPC website.

English as Another Language (EAL)
Our EAL teachers work with non-English speaking children from groups 2-8 to support their learning of English as Another Language. The children are supported by the EAL teachers in small groups and in the classroom to help them acquire the English language skills necessary to access the full curriculum.

Dutch as Another Language (DAL)
Dutch language and culture is taught in groups 2-8 to pupils who have a sufficient command of the English language. Our pupils are given as many opportunities as possible to learn as much as possible about the Dutch language and culture through trips and visits outside of school.

Learning Support Profile
Harbour International School has considerable experience and expertise in the following areas:

Providing pupils with a safe learning environment.
Teaching English to non-native speakers.
Teaching multilingual pupils.
Differentiating the curriculum to meet our pupils' needs.

We cannot cater for children:

Who are permanent Dutch residents.
Who have complex special educational needs.
Who need materials, equipment and/or specialised help that are not readily available.
Whose parents do not support the vision of the school.

More detailed information about life in Harbour International can be found in our school brochure. You can download this brochure here.

Situated in the centre of Rotterdam, the school is easily within reach by public transport and is within walking distance of Rotterdam Central Train Station.

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