Most frequently asked questions by parents looking for a school place:

How much are the school fees and are there any extra costs?
The school fees are € 3600 per child per year plus an application fee of € 150 per child.

Do you accept credit card payments?
No, we don’t. You can pay via internet banking to the school account.

What group/class will my child be in?
Group placement depends on your child’s date of birth

Do you have school transport and after school care? How much does it cost?
There is no school transport, parents bring and collect their children. There is an after school care service, you need to contact BSO Binnenste Buiten +31 10 4371764 / www.kinderdam.nl for costs and availability.

What is the procedure for enrolment and what does the school need?
We require the completed application form together with a copy of your child’s passport, previous school reports, a temporary work contract and the application fee.

School times

Monday 8.30 - 15.00
Tuesday 8.30 - 15.00
Wednesday 8.30 - 12.30
Thursday 8.30 - 15.00
Friday 8.30 - 15.00
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