18 May 2017

Charity Day 2017

This Wednesday, 24th May we will be holding our Charity Day in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind (KNGF) in the Netherlands. For unforeseen reasons, we have changed the charity we will be supporting. In order for the morning to run smoothly, we have provided you with some information which we would appreciate you reading through.

Please ensure your child has a plastic carrier bag  and purse with small change  (with their name on). Most games, activities and items to be bought will be between 5 and 50 cents.Please be sensible with the amount of money your child brings with them!
Your child should not bring their school bag and a snack will not be required that day.
Parents are welcome to come and join the children from 10:30 until 12:30 (end of the day). If you are unable to come please ensure you see your child’s teacher before the day to give them money for a hotdog or pancake for your child’s snack.
If you have volunteered to help at Charity Day please come to the EAL room at 8:30 so that the workgroup can tell you where to set up your stall you have signed-up to run.

Here’s hoping for good weather!!

Many thanks.