08 June 2017

What are we learning in Reception?

Reception group never seize to amaze me.

Last Thursday afternoon one of the children mentioned the word “dinosaur.”

Out of curiosity I asked my young pupils: ” Who can tell me something about dinosaurs? ”

Most children got so excited and wanted to share their stories.

It turned out to be that more than half of my class not only knew names of the giant prehistoric animals but also recognised the ones they usually play with in the play corner.

Athang’s eyes lit up. He enthusiastically shared his knowledge with his classmates.


That afternoon we spent time learning about dinosaurs. We watched a video on Youtube and talked about it. The next step was doing math “Dino”style.

I wondered why dinosaurs have such enormous appeal: the average pupil may have only a vague idea when dinosaurs went extinct, but he knows, for a fact, that they're no longer around.

A full-grown Tyrannosaurus Rex, no matter how huge and hungry, is thus rendered completely harmless, since there's no chance of accidentally running into one during play time or in the gym.

Dinosaurs represent, in kids' minds, the ultimate id principle: when they want something, they go out and get it, and nothing had better stand in their way.

Finally, and most important, dinosaurs are really, really cool.

Just ask Athang.