15 June 2017

Hofplein last update

Hofplein theatre


All children will be performing at the Hofplein Theatre on Friday the 16th June 2017.

In the mornings we shall have a dress rehearsal at the theatre from 09:00 - 12:00.

Children need to be dropped off at the theatre between 08:30 & 08:45
(Benthemstraat 13, 3022 AA Rotterdam).

At  12:00 all children need to be picked up at the theatre so they can rest and get ready for their performance in the evening.
17:45 All children to be brought back to the theatre. The bar will be opened for parents.
18:30 start of the performances
19:15-19:45 break ( bar will be open, for parents only-children will remain backstage!)
19:45 start part 2 of the performance
20:30 end ( bar will remain open)
At the end of the performance all parents are requested to go down to the bar area and wait there- the children will follow shortly. They'll be parading down the main stairs to music and (hopefully) a well deserved applause.
Please note: Parking your car is best done in Parking Hofplein- right behind the Shell petrol station.


There is no room in the theatre to park push chairs or prams. Please leave them at home.