15 June 2017

International Food Day - Wednesday, June 28 12:30pm to 13:30pm

It is almost time for one of our most exciting events of the year - International Food Day! International Food Day (IFD) is a food fair we put on for the children. It allows them to try food from countries all over the world and eat together as a community. Most importantly, it is a time to come together and celebrate what makes us special as a school, our international-ness!


We ask Parents/Grandparents to sign up to bring dishes from their home countries and serve them to the children for lunch at the event. Large groups from the same country have their own table(s). Smaller groups share tables. Children (and their families) are encouraged to decorate their tables and wear traditional clothing. The more festive, the better!


We would like to see all of the countries in our school represented on June 28, so please sign up today. Sign up sheets are posted outside classrooms (lower school) or will be shared with you electronically by your teacher (upper school). Alternatively, you can email Alison Roos ( to sign up or receive more information about the event.


Let’s all work together to make this a happy and memorable experience for our children!