27 September 2017


We as a parent group are well on our way sharing our parenting “rollercoaster” rides. Each Tuesday 13:00-15:00, we come together to join in the fun and laughter, as well as the struggles and obstacles we as parents face.

We have reached the halfway mark of Parentalk–The Primary Years, and are well on our way to discover the importance of communication and discipline.  During our sessions so far, we have started to form a group who supports one another and share advice by accepting differences, as well as embracing similarities.

We would like to extend an invitation to everyone who was not able to attend. It is not too late to still join us for the remainder of the 6-week’s course.

For more information, please contact me or just come on Tuesday to G12 (the room next to Lorraine’s new office on the second floor in the building on the left).

Remember to have fun with your children!