13 June 2018

Hofplein arrangements

All children will be performing at the Hofplein Theatre on Friday the 15th June 2018.

In the morning, we shall have a dress rehearsal at the theatre from 09:00 - 12:00.

Children need to be dropped off at the theatre between 08:30 & 08:45
(Benthemstraat 13, 3022 AA Rotterdam).

At  12:00 all children need to be picked up at the theatre so they can rest and get ready for their performance in the evening.
17:45 All children to be brought back to the theatre. The bar will be opened for parents.
18:30 start of the performances
19:15-19:45 break ( bar will be open)
19:45 start part 2 of the performance
20:30 end ( bar will remain open)

Please note: Parking your car is best done in Parking Hofplein- right behind the Shell petrol station.You have to pay!

There is no room in the theatre to park pushchairs or prams. Please leave them at home.


Remember no videoing or taking photographs!