13 June 2018

Privacy Regulations

As per 25th May the whole of Europe is obliged to adhere to privacy regulations (AVG). Our board, Stichting BOOR (Bestuur Openbaar Onderwijs Rotterdam) has made a protocol which all BOOR schools should strictly adhere to.

All personal records are safely kept and access is limited. We strive to give as little details possible to the companies that provide us with digital tests and learning environments. Our suppliers are not allowed to forward any details to other companies or use your child’s details in any other way than that they are needed for.

As from the beginning of next school year each parent will have to grant permission for their child’s details to be used and if photographs of your child can be taken.

For now, school has decided that the taking of photographs, other than that of your own child is not permitted. This means you are NOT allowed to take videos or photographs of children, other than your own, and cannot share them in public on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.