17 October 2018

Note from Lorraine

What a wonderful start to this school year we have had! A super sports day, excellent assemblies and a successful 3 weeks whole school IPC topic about the Brain!

We also welcomed two new teachers, Maria and Dagmar who are thoroughly enjoying working with your children.

We have also welcomed many of our colleagues from our secondary school who have been visiting our school to get a better understanding of primary school children. I too have been having many meetings with the new headteacher of RISS, Monica Gilbert-Saez, who is very supportive and positive about primary/secondary liaison. Manon, Ilona and Michael, are going to spend a day in the secondary school at the end of October to gain a better understanding of the next steps in their pupils’ education. A very satisfying development!

I wish you all a safe, happy holiday and promise to let you all know when my first grandson is born. This is a very exciting time for me!

Best wishes,