10 April 2019

Book Drive

We are organising a book drive the whole month of May to collect books for the Read to Grow organisation.

Books are important for school children. You probably agree with this statement.
Books are especially important for children in developing countries who don’t have access to the information channels that are available in the Western world.
Read to grow always check the partner organisation (or other private initiative) that asks for books: reputation, history, references. The partner organisation signs an agreement that the books will not be sold, will be put In proper bookcases and that their use is promoted. We also ask for a proper feedback on arrival of the books at the destination.
We work with shared responsibility and that is the secret of our success. The book givers (the staff of your school, students, parents, library) take care to give us books of good quality (give as you would like to receive); the Read to Grow team collects the books, takes care of safe storage, sorts the books by age, language and type of book (reading, informative, educational), counts them and packs them in new book cases; the partner organisation takes care of transportation to and safe arrival at the reading project; the receiving school (or other reading project) provides book cases, tables, possibly a reading room or library and takes care the books are used well.

If you have any English language books for children please donate them to school  in May then we can pass them on to the Read to Grow team.