03 June 2019

Art and Musical Creative Workshop

On Wednesday the 19th June, Anna Dumon and Miwa Hirano, our resident Art teacher and Recorder teacher will be hosting a workshop for parents in the Art Room ( Top floor of the main building)

9.00 - 10.30 workshop (1st part) for parents

1 hour after workshop dedicated to thematic discussion

12.50 - 13.30 workshop (2nd part) for children with parents

"How you will enjoy this Summer?"

"Come and get inspired!"

In our workshop we will be talking about...

~ freeing own creativity

~ inspiring children to use their imagination

~ connecting / playing with natural surroundings

~ creating unique family memories can experience what you have learned, together with your children, in the second part of our workshop.

~ every parent will get a nice art & music box, printed guide with useful tips and games

If you are interested, please email us for price and further details at