29 March 2017

Do you know what we are learning in our gym lessons?

The children will learn all kinds of sports at our school. For example soccer, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, athletics and badminton. The children will also learn other activities such as rope climbing, swinging on ropes, circus activities,

self-defence, free running, dodgeball and dancing. The children will complete a series of different stamina tests to measure the level of their fitness.

Weza (group 6) has this to say about the gym lessons:”We learn a lot of new things in our gym lessons, like how to stay fit and healthy.”

Besides learning how to play a sport, children learn how to deal with differences during sports activities, how to push themselves to a higher level and how to deal with challlenging situations.

Cristiano (group 6) stated:”I learn how to trust myself in different sport activities. I feel that it helps me with my football training as well. Joanne is an amazing gym teacher!”