05 April 2017

The school doctor (CJG)

The school doctor (Centrum voor jeugd en gezin-CJG) works closely with our school.  The doctor:

1.    Invites all group 2 children for a health check (eyes, ears, height and weight) sometime in the group 2 school year.

2.   Measures the height and weight of all group 7 children and gives the parents of these children the opportunity to make a separate appointment to see the doctor if they wish.

3.   Invites all new-comers to The Netherlands for a health check.

Letters asking you to come and see the school doctor (CJG) are sent to your home address.  If you receive a letter from the school doctor (CJG) would you please respond to it.  If the school doctor service (CJG) does not hear from you, contact is made with the school asking us if we have any concerns about your child.

It is not compulsory to visit the school doctor.  However, the CJZ is an organization which works closely with school and can provide valuable help and advice to parents.

If you have any questions regarding the school doctor (CJG) please come and see me.


Anna Roeven

IB – De Blijberg International